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1. Baked goods.  Baked goods are always a great quick gift.  Make it unique with these easy steps:  1.  Pick out a holiday themed plate.  This can be as fancy as crystal or as easy as whatever they have on hand at the dollar store.  2.  Place both the plate and baked goods on top of rolled out cellophane, cut the cellophane large enough so you can gather it completely over the plate and secure with a beautiful ribbon.  3. BONUS GIFT: add a cute ornament to the ribbon or bow.  4.  Cut down the cellophane bundled above the bow that it’s not too overwhelming.  Now your recipient not only receives baked goods (that will be devoured instantly I’m sure), but also a beautiful plate they can keep and reuse as well as an ornament that can decorate their tree with for years to come. 

2. Alcohol, Specifically Wine.  If the recipient loves a good bottle of wine, this is always an acceptable quick gift.  I like to dress mine up with a holiday themed wine stopper!  You can also spruce up a gift of alcohol with a fun glass or coasters.  Theming is always an easy way to make a complete gift!  Want fun wrapping? Gift the bottle in a Christmas stocking!  

3. Coffee.  Find yourself a cute Christmas mug at a local artisan shop and add a bag of coffee beans from a local coffee shop.  We all need caffeine to get through the holiday season.  

4. Homemade Trail Mix. Trail mix is always a fun snack that you can add your own flavor to… pun intended.  If your recipe includes M&M’s only include the green and red and voila its holiday themed trail mix!  Give it to the recipient in a holiday tin.  These tins can be found everywhere from Walmart to Hobby Lobby to the Dollar Store. 

5. Hot Cocoa. This can be given in so many fun ways!  You can gift it with a fun holiday themed mug like mentioned above, you can make your own cocoa recipe, and gift it in a beautifully decorated mason jar.  Finally you can gift it in a cocoa card… a DIY holiday card with insert pockets.  Slide in a store bought packet of cocoa and a candy cane! 

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