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We love writing about anything and your comments gives us motivation and new ideas.
Hiring a Freelance Professional

Best Practices for Hiring a Freelance Professional

Being a small business owner on a small business budget – specifically a start up budget, is no small task. There are plenty of avenues for increasing growth and automating tasks that you just do not want to do, so you can focus on expanding your reach. We get it!


Mother’s Day Gift Guide


How to market your business on Pinterest

We usually use Pinterest to fumble through home layouts, but it really is a home-run for business owners of all kinds! 


Limiting your stress as an entrepreneur

Are you running the business, or is the business running you?


Why Hire a Health Coach?

The health coaching industry is exploding! There are so many options. If you’re in the market to find a health coach to keep you accountable to yourself on your wellness journey, here are some tips to help you navigate finding a good fit health coach.


The Importance of Product Photography

Want to really stand out from your competition? Make sure you have eye-catching product photos to represent your company. 


The Benefits of Social Media for Business Owners

Are you struggling with making time to manage social media, and wondering if it is even worth your while? Let me help you decide!


Etsy Fees Are Killing Small Businesses

A look into how Etsy fees are making it impossible for small businesses to survive, and how Spouse-ly is working to help military families sell their products without gouging them with fees. 


Finding Strength in Vulnerability

Originally posted in Legacy Magazine Volume

Read about my personal mental health journey and how becoming courageously vulnerable lead me to my mission to bring creative therapies to the military community.

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