Meet Erin

Location: Oahu, Hawaii

Branch: Air Force Spouse 

Products: Hand painted acrylic and watercolor artwork 

While recovering from a major surgery and  preparing for her husband’s 3rd deployment with the Air Force, Erin discovered a passion for painting when she picked up a book about watercolor techniques. She had always been crafty and creative, but what started as dabbling with a little paint as a way to pass the time quickly became a part of who she is and her love for sharing color and joy with her community.

Creating artwork helped her feel grounded during the chaos of deployments and especially now during a pandemic when things are very uncertain, particularly for military families like her own, who are moving or trying to move during such chaotic times.

You’ll find that Erin’s artwork is bold and colorful and ranges from large acrylic canvases to small waterproof stickers so her artwork can be enjoyed as decor on your wall or be taken with you on your favorite water bottle.

As her husband enters his 12th year of service, she and her two boys are currently PCSing with him to Hawaii and she can’t wait to see what inspiration she can find in the beauty of her new home, the island of Oahu.

SHOP NAME; The Messyish Masterpiece