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Meet Jennifer

Location: Hill AFB, Utah 

Branch: Air Force Spouse 

Products: Handmade Cards 

Hi, I’m Jen: wife, mother, artist, coffee snob, anxiety riddled adventure seeker, and always on the hunt for new activities that will open my daughters’ eyes that the world is much bigger than our phones. If you can’t find us, we are probably hiking. (if it’s been more than a week, please send help… note “anxiety riddled” above)

I have been a dependent of the Air Force for 29 of my 32 years, first under my father and then with my husband, making our trek to Utah my 13th move and 10th state to live in. As the daughter of a career officer, I watched my mother make lasting impressions at every base we were located at, whether it be for her fabulous Bourbon Slush recipe or her innate ability to always know when another spouse, family, or individual needed an extra hand. She instilled in me that while many things will go in and out of style, the act of sending handwritten notes will never be one of those things. Such a seemingly simple act can have a huge impact on people ensuring that they feel seen, heard or remembered.

In today’s world where time is scarce, we are becoming increasingly disconnected thanks to social media. It’s now more important than ever to be intentional with our relationships. In my attempts to always try and find the perfect card for the perfect occasion, I found myself designing my own.

A common phrase among military spouses is “bloom where you are planted.” Our family has always tried to take this to the next level by becoming fully immersed in each and every place we live, enjoying and getting to know the local culture and finding new adventures available to us. Being stationed in Utah has been nothing short of incredible, which is how Brushwork Impressions was born. I combined my passion for handwritten cards with thoughtful gift giving and love of watercolor, inspired initially by the diverse landscapes of Utah.

It is my goal that I can help you create a lasting impression wherever you may wander.

Please visit my shop. Custom orders and requests are always accepted.

SHOP: Brushwork Impressions



One thought on “Meet Jennifer

  • NicoleNicoleMay 24, 2021 at 7:07 pm

    Jen, you are so talented! These are beautiful works of art. I love the written word as well. I try to always snail mail bday cards, and randomly send a note we’re thinking of someone. Unfortunately, I live in boring Ohio and you probably don’t have anything targeted for my location. But, we’re home to Wright-Patterson AFB, our state bird is the cardinal, and we’re best known for our corn production. Those who aren’t from here may only know us as home of Cedar Point, but anyone who has been stationed here will tell you we’re the most friendly people you’ll meet…and fall is almost everyone’s favorite season. Wishing you the best in your adventures! I was 8 yr active duty Air Force officer. Loved it, but wanted to focus on family and stability which meant leaving the military for me. However, we’ve made many lifelong friends from my time in the service!

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