Meet Amalee

Location: Fort Hood, TX 

Branch: Army Spouse 

Service: Web Design 

Amalee lives right outside Fort Hood, Texas with her husband and chocolate lab pup. Amalee is the owner and designer at Hasell house. Hasell house (pronounced HAZE-ul) is a one stop shop for creative small businesses looking to build a healthy online presence through web design. Several different types of services, all designed to best fit your needs when it comes to running your small business are offered. Whether it is the full design of a website to the reworking of an existing website, she would love to better connect you with those you serve.
If she is not working you can find her chatting with a friend over coffee or on a run with the pup!

Amalee has loved her military journey so far, but understands that like in all things it comes with both joys and hardships. In whatever context the military takes her, she desires to come alongside others to share not only the Gospel of Jesus Christ that offers hope and comfort, but her life as well. As this is what has ultimately sustained her and empowered her to boldly pursue her own small business amidst the transient nature of military life!

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