Meet Kriziel

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Branch: Air Force Spouse 

Service: Virtual Administrative Services

Hello! I am Kriziel Leins,  a US based virtual administrative consultant, helping business owners or professionals on tasks they need help with. But, before I move further and talk about my profession as a virtual administrative consultant, I would like you to have a sneak peak of my journey so far.

I am a military wife, blessed to be a mother of two beautiful kids. I originally belong to the Philippines and moved to the US later on. I landed up a job in an office setting for over 10 years. I have always been a working professional, until recently when I decided to give my career a switch.

Being a military wife involves a lot of moving from time to time, but, despite moving on a frequent basis, I wanted to continue working and having something to do with my skills. This is exactly what drove me to take in the role of a virtual administrative consultant and give my career a new direction. And, here I am, virtually assisting business owners with my expertise and experience.

As a professional virtual administrative consultant, I am always striving to learn new things and hone my skills to help my clients with the best service.


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