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A Military Spouse Owned & Operated Company

Meet Ben

Branch: USAF (15 years Active Duty)

Products: Custom Woodworking

I got into woodworking in 2020 while in South Dakota.  When it is gusting 40+ mph winds and freezing cold out, there isn’t a whole lot to do especially when you are limited on the places you can go due to a global pandemic so I think I stumbled on a simple cutting board YouTube video and gathered the supplies needed and went from there.  Since then, I’ve used woodworking as an outlet much like I would with running.  Even though power tools are noisy, I found I can think through a lot with some earphones on and the sander or saw going at full blast.  As an introvert (at least that’s what all the tests I’ve taken in the Air Force have told me), I need a small group of close friends or alone time to recharge and think through things.  Both running and woodworking have offered me that opportunity.
Once we moved to the DC area, I found I had a little more time on my hands than previous assignments and while my family appreciates the quality products I make, we were outgrowing our cabinet space for cutting boards so my wife, who was already a Spouse-ly vendor, recommended I open a shop.  I opened one up in March 2023 and love turning someone else’s vision into a long-lasting custom product they and their families can enjoy.  I can’t recall how I came up with my shop name and logo, but more than likely it involved me on my porch with a cigar and bourbon during a nice evening one day and it just came to me.

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