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Meet Colleen

Branch: U.S Army Veteran Spouse 

Product: Brave Knight Teddy Bear 

We are an Army family, my husband Rob retired as a Colonel. I am also sadly a Gold Star family member, my brother Captain Kevin Norman (USMA Class of 96)  was killed while serving in the Army. My husband and brother were born protectors, it is a theme in our life so it makes sense that we created a product to help protect children from nightmares and fear.  The idea for this product came from a real need for my own son while my husband was deployed. My little guy was missing his favorite protector and was scared each night. This lack of sleep was affecting our whole family and one night after being up multiple times I came up with the idea for the first Brave Knight. As a former school psychologist I knew he needed to learn coping skills to help deal with his anxiety before it grew.

I created a solution for my son by allowing him to talk about what scared him and more importantly give those worries and fears up to his Brave Knight. This simple act of giving up those fears and worries stops the cycle of anxiety and allows children to feel empowered to overcome their worries. Our Brave Knight has grown from those early days to an award winning product that comes as a kit with a Brave Knight teddy bear, a projecting flashlight that shines 8 images in the closet and under the bed to clear the room of anything scary and a storybook that tells the tales of the Brave Knights.  The nightly routine of giving up the worries, clearing the room of anything scary empowers the children to be in control of their fears and gain confidence.

We are a mission driven company that supports military families and our community. We donate a portion of all our sales to the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation to help military families when they need it the most. We also donate our kits to our local hospitals to help children who have been admitted to the hospital.   Purchasing a Brave Knight Kit can help your little one sleep peacefully and you will be helping another family get some peace as well.


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