Meet Erika

Location: Front Royal, Virginia

Branch: US Marine Corps Veteran Spouse

Products: One of a kind crocheted with love items

Erika has been crocheting since about 10 years old when two of her aunts, Aunt Angie and Aunt Cindy, taught her the single crochet and double crochet stiches. At the time, they were just teaching her to crochet straight lines and simple baby blanket for family; they didn’t know they were actually teaching her the building blocks to make incredible pieces in the future.

While her now husband, Jose, was in boot camp, crocheting was a daily activity to keep her mind busy and pass the time. She was exploring different patterns and different types of makes; teddy bears, crop tops, themed newborn photography props, you name it- it was on her hook! That’s when more of her friends and family started to take notice and Crocheted By Erika was in business!

Crocheting kept her busy while her husband was stationed and deployed away from home. This hobby is now growing into something they are both extremely proud of. Now separated from the Marine Corps, they are thankful for the drive it gave Erika to start this crochet business journey, and of course to her aunts. Aunt Cindy passed away a few years ago to cancer and never got to see some of her more intricate designs, but Aunt Angie says she has surpassed the teacher.

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