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A Military Spouse Owned & Operated Company

Meet Jeanette

Branch: Air Force Veteran & Spouse 

Service: Financial Coaching 

Hi, my husband and I met while we were both serving in the military. We both plan to stay in for life. We were stationed in Hampton Virginia at Langley Air Force Base and we decided to buy a house. we both had a study income we were both in the military we both didn’t think anything about money or debt. We had a few credit cards we took out a loan for a wedding but we thought that was all normal. We both had brand new cars and as long as we could make our payments we were good. So then I was put up for a medical evaluation board. I had been put up a couple of times so I thought like normal I was just going to be returned to duty and move on with my life. That didn’t happen. I was going to be separated from the military. That was an October. In December I found out I was pregnant. My husband decided to apply for a job in Las Vegas and I had been in for 11 years at that point and never saw anybody who applied actually get the job they applied for. So he applied for the special duty assignment and he actually got it. So now it’s it’s February and I’m supposed to get out of the military in 2 months and we have to PCS and I don’t have a job and I’m pregnant. So I had no idea what we were going to do with all of our stuff.

I heard about Dave Ramsey when I was active duty from this guy I worked with and thought it was kind of a crazy idea of the zero-based budget thing. I didn’t really get it or see the purpose. But now I was at a point where we are going to be underwater if we don’t change something fast. I didn’t know what that was until I was hanging out at my sister’s job. This guy walked in and was talking about how he was paying off his credit cards and he was buying everything in cash and getting out of debt. I was super curious and wanted to know more. So he told me that his wife was teaching a course and that we should take it. So I looked up her course and it was going to be the same month that we were set to leave Virginia. So I bought the online version and Austin and I took it that night. We did it faster than the 8 weeks because we need to have a plan. So cut to 3 years later we have paid off all of our debt we went from brand new cars to 20-year-old cars we paid over $106,000 and we’ve taught FPU three times and are now financial coaches through Dave Ramsey and are growing a coaching business on the side. Getting out of debt changed our lives and we want to change other people’s lives. We’ve taught 500+ people how to change their financial futures. 

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