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Products: Nursing + Pumping Apparel


Ailana J. Nursing + Pumping Apparel is all about making breastfeeding easier and more stylish for the modern mama. Being a mama is amazing, but breastfeeding can be tough. Trying to juggle work, life, and taking care of baby is hard enough – the logistics of trying to find outfits that allow you to breastfeed AND look like a put-together human doesn’t make that juggling act any easier. Until now. Ailana J. helps mamas feel their best, while making nursing and pumping a BREEZE. No more struggling to find outfits that make it easy to whip out those milk makers. No more struggling to find pieces that were made specifically for your postpartum body. No more struggling to look like a functioning human who wears more than athleisure. If anyone deserves to feel pretty, it’s the mamas working hard around the clock to feed their littles – and this collection is where FASHION meets FUNCTION. Made by a mama who’s been there and knows exactly what a breastfeeding mama needs, Ailana J. is committed to making the lives of breastfeeding mamas easier and more fabulous!


I’m Jeannine Brady – I’m a Navy wife with a decade-long career in fashion and retail management. I had my first baby in 2019 and I went on a wild goose chase for nursing apparel that felt like ME – clothes that fit my style and reflected my identity. But I could not find anything. Every brand looked like it made nursing apparel for the same stereotypical “mom,” and that “mom” was NOT me. I was looking for chic, fashionable styles that could make the transition between nursing and pumping seamless, and I just couldn’t find it. I tried to make my regular wardrobe work for this season of life, but it was a struggle, especially when attending events and going back to work after maternity leave. So, in 2020, right at the beginning of the pandemic, I decided to design my own nursing and pumping apparel! A lot changes when you become a mom, but WHO you are does not. What you wear is a reflection of who YOU are and how you want the world to see you – and there were not enough options out there that let women do this once they become moms! It felt like the fashion industry was telling us that, once you become a mom, you should dress a certain way and be a different person – and I needed my fellow breastfeeding moms to know that this was simply NOT true. So, despite having an infant, working a full-time job, being a military spouse, and navigating a global pandemic, I started Ailana J. Nursing + Pumping Apparel!

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