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A Military Spouse Owned & Operated Company

Branch: U.S Army Spouse 

Service: Brand Photography 

Hi, I’m Lia! Newer to the military spouse life (we got married in the craziness that was 2020!) but my soldier and I have been together for over four years. My husband went to a military college and I…did not, but our schools were about an hour apart. That was the start of the role distance would play in our relationship, but also the start of my favorite love story.
This photo was taken after we had been  apart again, and while distance played a role here too, so did our love (like a lot of military couples) through video calls and late-night talks.
We’ve had our months apart before and after this, and we know there will be months apart to come this year too, but it truly does make us appreciate our time together that much more. My husband plans to be a “lifer” as they say – and to his credit I’ve known that since we started dating – so God willing we will both be in this for the long-haul, together.
I am so excited for what’s ahead in our life, his career and in my new business specializing in brand photography and content strategy. I never planned to start a small business, but living the military life at our first duty station set me on this path and there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing.  I am so thankful for Spouse-ly and the community it is creating for all of us. After all, we’re better together.

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