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I’m a pursuer of a better world, a dad, and obviously a military spouse (yes, some service members are married to males, like my wife who’s an Army nurse!) From my loneliness and isolation struggles as a new dad living in the middle of nowhere during the early pandemic, I set out on a mission. With a community as big and strong as ours, there is NO reason anyone should feel alone. But actually, there are MANY reasons spouses feel this way, and I’m breaking down those barriers. With a friend by your side, you have the umph to do anything from simply getting out of bed, to taking on the world. But alone, people break into shambles.

First I created the Kovii video chat app which lets you notify your close friends or family anytime you have a pocket of time, but aren’t sure who else happens to be free right then. No one wants to schedule casual calls, and no one wants to interrupt or play phone tag. Finally, we can know when it’s a good time to talk to someone WITHOUT having to schedule anything (because really, as a mil spouse or parent, that’s basically impossible.) Quit the scrolling… it’s a good time to connect more personally. With who? I don’t know… you don’t know… but with Kovii, you’ll find your friend who happens to also want to talk right then.
Recently I made the web app, which is a swipe-to-match app for friends. Pretty basic concept… half of us met our spouses on Tinder after all, why not swipe for friends, too? On the app we also host Speed Friending Virtual Events which are fantastic for quickly finding friends with personalities that click with yours.
In everything my volunteer team and I do, we don’t settle for the status quo. It doesn’t cut it. People deserve better. People need friends, and we are relentlessly trying new things to find what REALLY works.

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