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Meet Megan

Branch: U.S Air Force Spouse 

Service: Photography

Megan is a photographer, art educator, and instructional designer. Her mission is to help families slow down and connect through intentional art and photography practices. 

Megan grew up as an army dependent and relied on art-making to help her find connection and stability. She pursued art education and photography in both her secondary education and career because she believes in the opportunities that art-making practices present when we invite them into our lives. 

As an air force spouse and mother now, she offers photography services and online courses. Megan also has a blog of free resources for anyone interested in photography, art-making, small business, and motherhood stories, told through a lens of trying to live more intentionally. Her signature course, Manual Mode for Moms, is designed for mothers who are ready to dust off their cameras and capture more of the everyday magic in their lives.”

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