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Branch: U.S Army Veteran & Spouse 

Products: A Series of Flashbacks: Darkness Within

Hi, I’m Mel! A former Army medic turned Gold Star Family widow caring for our six-year-old son. My late husband was a student in SWCS (John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School) working towards becoming a Special Forces medic when he passed. We unfortunately had spent a lot of time separated due to issues with his unhealthy coping and unwillingness to seek help.

In my book I share about our story, the not so heard of stories when it comes to unhealed trauma, and the ways failure to seek help can destroy one’s life entirely. As I’ve worked on the book, so many military friends of his have shared great stories about his compassion and wholehearted acts, especially as their medic on deployments. It’s been heartbreaking yet healing to hear from others.

My hope in sharing my story through this book is that it can help bring an empathetic side to addiction, ptsd, and the importance of getting the help needed. But also to show that many of us are suffering quietly with our own darkness within. This was never a story I thought I would be sharing, but I know that the benefits of sharing it will be so worth it.

Aside from writing and publishing this book, I run a podcast called From Grief to Gold where I share my journey of healing from grief and ways to continue living despite the hard times in addition to a whole health based health coaching and wellness blog, Naturally Mel.

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