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Branch: U.S Army Spouse 

Products: Handmade Jewelry

I am an Army spouse and currently live in Fort Lee Virginia with my husband, 14-year-old daughter, and 2 Chihuahuas. My husband and I started dating in high school back in 1998 and married in 2003. My husband has been in the Army since 2007 and we have lived in quite a few places. My educational background is in Veterinary Nursing and I worked in that field until my daughter was born.

I knew I wanted to find a flexible career so I could stay at home with my daughter during the frequent deployments. I knew I loved art and creating makes me feel calmer and happy. I started with a photography business because I loved lifestyle photography. I also started playing around with different jewelry-making techniques. I started selling my jewelry 2 years ago and it’s grown ever since. I see jewelry designing as miniature wearable art and it can help you express yourself and your unique interests and style. All my jewelry is inspired by nature just due to my connection and love for the outdoors and the peace that nature can give. I am always getting inspiration by hiking and walking trails, and being military I have had the chance to go to so many different natural places. I work with quite a few materials and techniques because I can’t choose just one. Sweetellabella is a nickname I call my daughter.

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