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Meet Pearl

Branch: U.S Navy Spouse 

Products: Author, Career Coach, Corporate Trainer

More than a decade ago, I said ‘I do’ to my high school sweetheart who had just enlisted into the
US Navy. I was also still in my birth country, Ghana in West-Africa.

I had no clue what I was doing or how my life would evolve migrating to the US, starting, or
raising a family while my sailor deploys several months throughout the year, moving every 2-3
years to a new state or country and pursuing a meaningful career. The navy has sent my family to
Japan, Virgina, Florida and recently Nebraska in the last ten years.

I have spent those ten years of my life training, coaching, and mentoring childcare professionals
to provide quality childcare to military children in the different branches of the Military Child
and Youth Programs (CYP) as a Training and Curriculum Specialist. Reading to the children I
worked with and supporting the caregivers to be the best version of themselves brought me the
greatest joy and fulfilment at work.

In the year 2021, I gathered all my experience, my journal entries and stories from fellow
military spouses and published my first award- winning book titled Growing Your Family:
Learn How To Flourish and Thrive as a Military Family.
My chief goal was to share something authentic, raw and one that offers hope and actionable
solutions to fellow military spouses and their families.

My business or service is more than writing but also tailored towards coaching other military
spouses to pursue meaningful careers. I own Greight Company Limited, LLC
( A career coaching and corporate training solutions for individuals,
teams, and organizations.

My corporate training program is uniquely designed to bring the best in employees, change
workplace culture and to charge leaders to grow their staff. Our popular trainings include
diversity in the workplace, effective communication, teambuilding skills, employee engagement
and conflict resolution strategies.

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