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A Military Spouse Owned & Operated Company

Branch: U.S. Air Force 

Products: Trendy Shirts

Pattern Ops started in 2018 when I had noticed most of my co-workers loved wearing their squadron t-shirts or other casual military-related shirts to show off their jets while out to dinner, etc. I recognized an opportunity to give pilots and other military personnel the chance to show pride in their jobs while also wearing a nicer/dressier shirt, and I had never seen an option available like it.
I initially had only one A-10C prototype made. Once my friends saw the shirt with A-10s, 30mm bullets, and cannons on it, they wanted one too. After that, I made my first batch of shirts of a couple different jet patterns to test the market and sales by selling them one by one through word of mouth. Once this proved successful, I decided to make several more patterns and develop a website. My father who recently passed away from cancer was luckily still around by the time I launched the company to be my first website customer.
Pattern Ops now has most military aircraft shirt patterns available, along with some fun non-military patterns, and we have just launched women’s cuts, men’s long sleeved cuts, and men’s/women’s golf polos. We can customize orders with any pattern customers may want on their shirts, including squadron emblems, companies, logos, groups, clubs, etc. My goal is to establish the company as the go-to for custom button-ups. I’m trying to take the idea to golf courses, wineries, yacht clubs, you name it. Ultimately, I want to reach enough success to start giving more back to nonprofits ― and even open up a charitable foundation named after my dad, Ed. From here, I want to use my success and everything I’ve learned to help other military people start companies. I’ve been very blessed with my life and my initial success with Pattern Ops. As the company grows, my main goal and plan is to use that growth to help people through those blessings.


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