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About Spouse-ly

Spouse-ly was founded by a determined Air Force military spouse, who also is a twin mom, entrepreneur and business enthusiast who wanted to make a difference in our community and bring something new to the table that would benefit all military spouses, service members and veterans all over the U.S. [Read More]

Community Based

Spouse-ly is a community driven website providing military/veterans, spouses, families, and service members marketplace to buy and sell products and services all over the U.S.


Our members create and sell their products to other members such as art, crafts, apparel, jewelry, and more.


With a variety of services, our community members provide a number of services including: baby sitting, pet sitting, photography, decorating and much more.

Along our military journey we have met so many talented individuals that currently own and operate their own small businesses or have a passion to start. After looking through numerous Facebook groups where people had asked for certain products or services, it was then when the light bulb turned on! How can we create a company that provides a large platform for the military & veteran community to buy and sell products & services from each other. The support within our community alone is so huge, that we should continue supporting one another through all our many talents!

That’s when Spouse-ly was born, a one-stop marketplace shop for our community to buy & sell products & services all over the United States. What makes Spouse-ly really unique is the option to search for local products and services. This is huge for our community as a whole and all of the smaller communities within. It is our mission to continue to provide ongoing resources, training, support, and marketing to help everyone grow to their fullest potential whether you are buying or selling on Spouse-ly. This company was created out of love and passion for helping others & we thank you for all your ongoing support.

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