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After marrying her high school sweetheart turned Air Force hubby, Monica Fullerton quickly learned that the military community was ripe with creators, makers and entrepreneurs. Many of her fellow spouses were pursuing their passions in between deployments and even as full-time businesses, but there wasn’t a central location to shop and support these deserving entrepreneurs within the military community – therefore Monica launched Spouse-ly!

She is a twin mom on a mission to provide more career flexibility and stability no matter where the military life takes you. Monica is a firm believer that anything is possible if you just put your mind to it. She hopes that this platform helps provide a place where everyone can come together and support each other! When you shop small you are truly making a big impact.

Our platform is powered by small businesses with big hearts
Taking that first step to following your dreams.
Living a military life is both rewarding and challenging.
We can learn and grow from one another

Our Mission

To support and champion military families seeking income-generating opportunities no matter where the military life takes them.
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