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Seller Q & A

Q & A

We know questions come up, and want to be there to help! Please review the following frequently asked questions first. If you still can’t find what you are looking for please email

Anyone! Our vendors are approved military and first responder owned businesses. It’s a great way to support those who support us on a daily basis.

If you are military or first responder connected, you can sell on Spouse-ly! First you must go through verification with GovX ID after applying to sell on our platform. While our core mission is spouse focused, we have a wide variety of vendors from Veterans, service members, Gold Star families, spouses, and first responder families.

If you are experiencing issues managing your shop, please contact us directly at so we can assist you!

It is very important to make sure you are listing your products or services on the right side of Spouse-ly. Both function differently and have different pricing breakdowns. If you make a physical product please make sure to list on the product side of Spouse-ly which functions like an online marketplace where you can manage your own listings & shop, ship & pull business reports. If you offer a service, you will need to pay a monthly or yearly fee to market on Spouse-ly. The service platform will allow you to include a bio, sample set of pictures, contact information and reviews. All business on the service side is handled off Spouse-ly. If we find that you do not have your product or service listed correctly you are subject to being removed from the website.

Please read the terms and conditions for more information. Products that cannot be sold on Spouse-ly include: MLM businesses, perishable foods, hazmat products, weapons, paraphernalia, illegal substances, products that you did not make yourself or own the rights to. Please do not list any services that include the following: inappropriate, illegal, directing traffic to your products, animals.

Spouse-ly invests in marketing for both the platform and vendors, but we encourage everyone to help promote your products & services being available on our site. Spouse-ly is a startup and it’s important that we help each other grow by continuing to spread the Spouse-ly love.

No, at the moment you will have to create and purchase a shipping label through the USPS website or your preferred carrier and then go back to Spouse-ly to manually update the order and provide the tracking number on the order. Once done, please mark as completed. Vendors will be paid weekly on only completed orders. Do not mark orders completed until the customer has received the order and everything is good.

No, you cannot book services directly through Spouse-ly. You will be provided with the service providers contact information and all service bookings must be handled off the website. Services listed on Spouse-ly must direct buyers to their own website/contact information.

Yes, every seller on Spouse-ly is responsible for their own business taxes & sales tax. The website is designed on the product side to take out sales tax automatically that goes to the seller. It is up to the seller to responsibly file their business taxes & keep track. Spouse-ly provides a number of reporting tools that shop owners can use as well.

If you need additional assistance please email and a team member will be in touch within 24 hours or less. We value your business & want to help as quickly as possible!

You can purchase Tier 1 which is up to 15 listings and it will automatically be renewed every 3 months, or Tier 2 which is up to 30 listings and it will automatically renew every 3 months. If you wish to purchase more listings you can do so in your shop. On the service side it will be a monthly fee of $8.99/month to market your business on Spouse-ly.

It is up to all Spouse-ly sellers to price their items accordingly with the Spouse-ly seller fees and shipping costs in mind. Sellers can charge buyers shipping costs and we highly recommend that helps cover the costs of the seller.

Yes, Spouse-ly will offer a number of different seller reports. We highly encourage all sellers on Spouse-ly to become familiar with these reports and utilize them for their own accounting purposes.

If you are having issues communicating with any sellers on Spouse-ly and have not received your items purchased in a timely matter according to their shop policy, please reach out directly to although we do not manage any products or shops we would be more than happy to try and get a resolution. It is up to every shop seller to fulfill their orders and stand by their individual shop policies.

Please keep in mind Spouse-ly is military spouse owned and operated company. There is a human behind Spouse-ly and we will do our best to make sure everyone and everything is addressed in a timely matter. Let’s remain honest with each other and create a positive platform to support one another. Spouse-ly holds all rights to remove members on both the customer & vendor side, if they are not in the best interest of the company. We can revoke memberships at any time.

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