I’m a holes in my jeans (but suit for work), book reading, planner loving, numbers guru, mom of three and air force wife. 

I stumbled in to my career by telling my accounting professor during my freshman year that I thought accounting was fun. Nope. Don’t laugh too hard. You read that right. Fun. She chuckled. Told me I should consider a major change to accounting, pulled out the forms and ta da! Here I am.

Just kidding. It’s been nearly 10 years since I graduated (shhhhhh let’s not talk about that) and I took a few turns along the way.

I started out working for a big named public accounting firm and learned a lot. But that meant I spent a lot of hours at the office. It also meant I never really got to see the clients or talk to them. When it came down to it- I couldn’t see myself in that corner office. I tried a couple other jobs and wound up in corporate tax. I loved it there – the people and the work. But the company headed into a layoff culture and my husband told me we were most likely moving to England. With three kids at that point- quitting and focusing on all the travel seemed like the best move.

Then the military laughed. A little too hard. And off to Mississippi we went.

I knew all the jobs I’d been in- I was always missing something. I never could see myself in their corner office. After some soul searching I struck out on my own. And I’ve loved it. I love connecting with the clients, I love the conversations where I help them. I love feeling like I’m making a difference.

So that’s a little about me. Tell me about you- let’s talk and see where in your numbers journey I fit in and how I can help!


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