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  • At home workout subscription. Weight loss. Fat loss.

    It all started when…

    I realized the Mom Strong Community needed a place to just be. A place to come and learn workouts, nutrition, and find physical and mental health. A place that could be affordable to anyone.

    The Mom Strong Academy has been in the works for years. It was designed with you (yes you mama) in mind.

    You may be thinking ‘what makes Mom Strong Academy so special?’ and the truth is…there is nothing, nothing else like it.

    With membership access, Mom Strong Academy will provide weekly workouts catered to specific needs of maternal, postpartum, and overall fitness needs. Workouts are designed to target multiple areas of the body as well as specific areas that need more attention. There are video instructions, pdf formats, and so much more. I want to make sure you are taken care of and have everything you might need to get the job done.

    Aside from workouts, you will find information on nutrition, meal prepping, supplements, pre- and post-workout meals…I mean the list goes on and on. The Mom Strong Academy incorporates family, home, and general life into the picture.

    Most importantly, mental health has been taken into consideration. With Mom Strong Academy you will find all the tools necessary for a happy, healthy, striving life through physical and mental health.

    Mom Strong Academy is not just a workout or another online training program. It is a community of women; new moms, veteran moms, moms of all ages, coming together to embrace motherhood and find strength. Both physically and mentally.

    All you need to access the Mom Strong Academy is our membership. No hidden fees, no extra gimmicks, and you can cancel anytime.

    So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to make the best decision you possibly can for your health and wellness?

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  • Everything in The Mom Strong Academy plus:

    • personalized progressive programming based on the following:

      • mobility, strength, balance, cardiovascular assessment

      • performance goals

      • training history

      • access to equipment (gym, home, both)

      • time availability

    • weekly ZOOM calls and check-ins

    • weekly modules to discuss:

      • mindset

      • nutrition

      • fitness

    16 week long commitment (option to renew)

    AVAILABILITY: In stock


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