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Taking the perfect product picture featured image

Do you look through social media and ever wonder how did they get such a great product picture? You might think wow they did such a great job staging the product & taking the perfect shot. We all know it takes some time to master. Here are a few pointers that can help you enhance your marketing & make your product look more attractive to buyers:

  1. Look around at similar products & see how others are doing it, find a style you like & stick with it.
  2. Consistency will make your company stick out to buyers & will keep everything looking professional.
  3. Know your market, think of staging ideas that appeal to your buyers. (Example: If you sell kids t-shirts, make the staging fun & attractive to parents/friends that are buying for someone else). (If you sell jewelry, stick to the same background that is simple and does not take away from the beauty of the product).
  4. Purchase a few backgrounds, Amazon sells a bunch! They are reasonably priced and will be game changer when it comes to taking the perfect shot. (Stick with simple backgrounds, a solid color, marble, or something basic).
  5. Find some good lighting and know when the lighting is best throughout the day. Taking your background outside, will help reduce shadows.
  6. Play around with your phone settings, if you have an IPhone you can control the brightness before pressing the button. Don’t wash out your product, you want it to look very natural.
  7. Always take a few raw shots of your product to have, just focus on the product and don’t add anything else around it.
  8. Depending on your product, make sure you are leaving enough space around the product and making everything proportionate.
  9. After you have taken a few raw product pictures, add in some fun staging around your product. (Example: If you are selling kids t-shirts you can add in some letters, toys, props that go along with the style).
  10. Staged/fun pictures will be good for social media & marketing. When it comes to your actual listing photos, keep those simple, clean and crisp & remember to be consistent with your photo style.
  11. Your smartphone can take just as good product pictures, but if you invest in a nice camera just make sure you watch some tutorials on how to use all the functions the right way.

Taking the perfect picture will help you generate traffic to your shop & will help buyers distinguish your products from others. Be unique, but just remember people enjoy simplicity. If you have some older pictures that you have been wanting to re-do but haven’t gotten around to it. Set aside some time to work on taking new pictures every few months if possible. Make sure all your pictures flow nicely in your shop & engage during the holidays and certain times of the year when you can stage a fun picture to help promote your product. Next time you see that perfect product picture it will be yours!

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