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The benefits of social media

Welcome to the age of social media ladies and gentlemen! I think at this point we each have at least two social media platforms if not more. With the exception of my husband- he doesn’t want to share a single part of his life with anyone haha. The benefits of social media for small business owners should make you want to start yourself some profiles if you haven’t already!

As a social media manager I have been privileged to learn the ins and outs of creating content, increasing engagement, and securing customers. You can do these things without the help of a social media assistant, but for the sake of your sanity- consider hiring one when you’re ready to increase your revenue and sales. I’m always open to discussing virtual assistant rates as well as preforming a free social media audit, so don’t hesitate to reach out to me on any of my social media profiles!

Important social media

Listen closely when i say this- social media is where the business is at. There are two main platforms that are considered important social media for businesses. If you don’t have them already, consider having a Facebook business page as well as an Instagram.

Facebook Business Pages

Facebook is an awesome option for business owners who want to reach a wide range of customers. A business page is an easy way to promote sales, keep your customers updated, and you can accept payments through facebook pay for any products that you sell.


Want to promote your business to millennials? Instagram is stealing the scene when it comes to social media popularity. Their introduction of reels along with the shopping tab has given the diversity of multiple social media applications in one.

The best of both worlds

I will always recommend business owners create a Facebook and Instagram as well as to link them together. Instagram is owned by Facebook, and you can control both through Facebook’s creator studio. Creator studio gives you opportunities to reply to messages on both platforms as well as safely schedule content on both pages.

How to grow your social media

If you are a veteran or military spouse in my Milspouse Collective Facebook group, then you have the opportunity to take advantage of my free resources. There are daily threads for you to ask questions, find partners, and advertise your company. As a bonus, every Tuesday there is a new article to help you grow your business.

Social media content

An easy way to use Instagram and Facebook to promote your business is to post videos. Videos are taking over in popularity when it comes to social media content. When it comes to these two social media platforms you want to be posting 3-4 times a week.

Facebook content

Infographics about sales are best used for Facebook over Instagram. You want content that will bring you reactions and comments versus likes alone. The Facebook algorithm is a fan of laughing and heart reactions, so if you have friends that interact with your post, then encourage them to engage in that way.

Instagram content

Instagram gives you the opportunity to post pictures and videos. If you specifically choose to create a Reel then you’re given the option to post it on your profile grid as well as were it is automatically available- the reel tab. You can keep the aesthetic of your feed by choosing not to place the Reel on your profile grid, but I have seen better engagement when I choose to allow the Reel to be on my grid. Instagram gives you the option to remove the Reel from your profile grid a few days after you’ve built up your engagement without deleting it all together.

When to post on social media

If you feel like you’re not seeing a lot of return from your efforts, then it may not be your content, but your timing. How do you know when to post on social media? Explore different posting times for a few weeks to determine which hours bring the best engagement from your followers. Reaching your current customers is just as important as extending your business to potential customers.

Stay tuned for more information on growing your business through social media. This article was originally posted on Homegrown Happiness.

About the Author:

A North Carolina born and raised military spouse and boy mom who lives in Savannah, Georgia. Camille is a regular volunteer for the 1st Ranger Battalion. She is passionate about providing resources for military spouses and veterans to launch, scale, and maintain their dream businesses. 

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