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The Importance of Product Photography

If you currently own a product based company, or you’re thinking about starting one, then you should know the importance of product photography. Pictures of your products serve as a direct representation of your company.
Product photography from a professional standpoint
I talked to professional photographer Cami Hollar to bring you professional insight to the importance of product photography! She believes that business is about creating relationships and connecting with people, so photographing your products both professionally and with good quality is extremely important for a few reasons.

1. You are establishing your credibility as a professional while still coming off as likable and personable.
2. You are defining your brand with these photos. You’re telling your customer who you are, what you’re about, and exactly what you’re wanting to do (provide what service, sell them what product, etc).
3. You are setting the tone for your business and the relationship you’re wanting to create with your customer. You’re telling them I’m a professional and this is why I deserve your business while still developing a closer, friend-like relationship that allows them to feel comfortable with you (this will invite them to return to you because they feel connected to you and your business).

If your product photos are messy, confusing, or don’t come across as professional, it is harder for your customer to see you as reputable and take your business seriously as well as it being difficult for them to understand you and your brand. If your photos are too simple they don’t get a sense of you and your brand but if they’re too busy it becomes confusing. Finding the perfect balance for you and your business is incredibly important, so hiring a photographer that understands how to find this balance and can guide you and your photos through the process for the best outcome should be of the utmost importance.
Also, not only is start up branding important for establishing yourself and your company, but consistency throughout your company’s lifetime is key! Your brand may change over the years but the quality and importance of your branding should remain a top priority.
DIY product photography must-haves
If you’re someone who is looking to keep your photography in house, there are a number of products on the market to help you do just that. While I recommend budgeting for a professional, I’m also understandable of the fact that just isn’t feasible for some people in the beginning stages of their business. Here are a few of my favorite products for DIY product photography using a phone or camera:
  • Portable power bank – I specifically use this power bank. I’ve bought others, but they die after a single use. I can charge my phone multiple times as well as hook my ring light up to this portable power bank.
  • 12″ Ring light – This is a great sized ring light for indoor photography. It works as a stand for phones as well as for cameras. For convenience it even comes with a bluetooth remote.
  • Lightbox – For those that have smaller products that they need to photograph, this is the perfect light box. You can easily snap some clean pictures, and it comes with multiple backdrop colors.

This article was originally published on Homegrown Happiness. This article does contain affiliate links. Purchases made through those links will result in me earning a small commission. Affiliate links are free for you to use, and they don’t add anything to your cost. Thank you for supporting Homegrown Happiness.

If this article has made you realize that you need to have better pictures of your products and you’re in the Savannah area, make sure that you reach out to Cami about having some professional pictures taken! For those outside of the general Savannah, Georgia area, check on Spouse-ly for a photographer near you.

About the Author:

A North Carolina born and raised military spouse and boy mom who lives in Savannah, Georgia. Camille is a regular volunteer for the 1st Ranger Battalion. She is passionate about providing resources for military spouses and veterans to launch, scale, and maintain their dream businesses. 

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