The Undeniable Importance of Handwritten Notes

While it may seem a simple task, handwritten notes have been my key to success both personally and professionally for as far back as I can remember.  As soon as I was able to hold a pen, my mother had me sit down and take the time to hand write thank you notes to friends and family when I received gifts or even thoughtful acknowledgement.  In todays world, time seems to be our most scarce commodity, so what better way to show your commitment than to take the time to put pen to paper and collect a series of your thoughts for another person.  


Here are the 3 top ways I have utilized handwritten notes as tools for success:




A classic for sure, I dont believe thank you notes will ever go out of style. At least they shouldn’t. It is taking the time to acknowledge someones thoughtfulness whether it be a gift or action.  From thanking family members for gracious gifts or showing gratefulness to someone for hosting me for dinner, I feel it is important to appreciate those gestures in your life.




Before any interview I have for employment, I always ensure I know the names of those that will be interviewing me.  Before ever entering the interview room, I have individual letters written out.  While the letter starts out generic with appreciation for their time and consideration, the end is left blank so that once the interview is over I can fill in key points from the discussion and why I am the perfect candidate for the position.  These letters are already addressed and stamped, so within 10 minutes of an interview I am able to find a post office box and get them mailed so that that reach their intended recipients within 1-2 days.




During my time working in economic development, handwritten notes were critical to my sales and retention platform, whether it was thanking them for their initial investment, following up on a sales call, or just checking in to let them know about opportunities unique to their business. 

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Immediately following my graduation at the University of Kansas, I was hired as the CEO of the Chamber of Commerce in Leavenworth, Kansas.  Working with an amazing Board of Directors and a motivated community, we were able to completely overall the Chamber and breathe new life into the business community.  Marrying into the Air Force in 2015, I stayed in Economic Development while stationed both in Texas and South Carolina before having our first daughter.  After moving to Utah, I found renewed inspiration for art and finally made the jump into my own business after spending almost a decade helping others. Thank you for supporting Spouse-ly and its vendors.

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