We Are So Excited: The LEWnited States Spouse-ly Spotlight!

If you follow the blog or any of my social media accounts, then you know one of my fabulous partners, Monica, who is the creator of Spouse-ly, has been crushing it and that YOU MUST check out the site and see how you can contribute to our military community!

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The Spouse-ly platform is a one-stop-shop for verified Military/Veteran spouse, family, or service member vendors, selling products (crafts, accessories, home goods, etc) or providing a service (real estate, home loan advisors, photographers, bloggers, etc).

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is spouse-lybanner.pngProduct vendors can sign up for as low as $1 per month…$1! You can read more about the vendor registration options here; trust me, Spouse-ly is very competitively priced, offers service providers as well as products for purchase AND it helps our military small business community… what else could you ask for? Have suggestions, Monica and her team would LOVE your feedback so let them know!

Our friends at Havok Journal posted an article online about Spouse-ly & its founder, Monica Fullerton. Monica is a military wife, mother of twins, and a busy entrepreneur.

Spouse-ly is a brand new online platform that people can support Military/Veteran spouse and service member-owned businesses all over the nation. You can find both products and services in one easy spot! Spouse-ly’s mission is to provide a place where everyone can come together and support the truly amazing talent within such an awesome community…Many civilians are always looking to support Mil/Vet owned businesses, and they can do so by checking vendors on Spouse-ly.”Read the entire Havok Journal article here!

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In addition to her sponsors and partners that you can find listed on her website, Monica had the opportunity to be interviewed and showcase Spouse-ly on CW Las Vegas this week!

Check out Spouse-ly featured on The CW Las Vegas this morning!! Thank you so much for all your continued support with my…

Posted by Monica Marie on Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Again, if you haven’t checked out the platform PLEASE do so right now and give them a follow on Facebook & Instagram! Vendors…don’t forget: as low as $1/month…why wouldn’t you want your business to get as much marketing and exposure as possible…here’s an amazing opportunity! Have more questions? Want to see how you can partner with Spouse-ly? Check out their Q&A page. Tell your friends & family to spread the news about this military spouse-owned business and the profound impact it has on our community!

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    Yay! Thanks for posting! SO proud of everything you’ve accomplished so far!!

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