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Meet Brittany

Branch: Military Spouse 

Services: Interior Design

Brittany Zimmerman is the Owner and Principal Designer at Bleu Bee Designs, a boutique residential interiors firm in Greater Skagit & Snohomish counties, Washington.

Known for her fresh and colorful take on traditional interiors, Brittany’s designs blend antique and modern furnishings in a classic yet lighthearted way. You’ll often find her client’s personal collections, art and heirlooms woven throughout her design, curating a collected and layered home that feels both fresh and familiar.

While most children remember birthday gifts, books and vacations, Brittany has always held memories of the most distinct details of items which surrounded her while growing up in the coastal South. As an adult, Brittany has traveled through France and the US, studying and taking in the unique soul of antique and vintage decor in a variety of styles spanning decades. With time and education, Brittany has developed a discerning eye for the elements of décor that add to the beautiful story of the places we call home.

Brittany’s desire to incorporate antiques, art, and objets d’art into your home is now possible through the curated and customized online shopping experience with Curated x Bleu Bee, a natural extension of her interior decorating firm, Bleu Bee Designs.

Curated x Bleu Bee is a thoughtful blend of antique & modern furnishings in a classic, yet lighthearted manner that feels both fresh and familiar

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